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Video Series with

Founder and President Mary Gordon

Mary Gordon has produced a video series to help parents and educators during these challenging times, and beyond.

The Roots of Empathy Book Club

Mary Gordon helps with storytime by reading aloud some of her favourites
Daniel’s Day

Mary Gordon reads aloud her children’s story Daniel’s Day. It’s a story of a little boy who starts out with a yucky day, that just gets yuckier…and the people who help him make it better. The photo illustrations are done by Melanie Gordon, Mary’s daughter.

Faces of Time

Mary Gordon shares her book Faces of Time. It’s for younger children who are captivated by the portraits of babies, all of whom come from Métis, First Nations, and Inuit heritage. Each page has one word, in English, Cree Syllabics, Mohawk and Inuktitut. Mary reads the messages that inspired each word.

How the Roots of Empathy babies are doing

Parents have been sending in photos and videos of their tiny teachers to update their students on milestones – from crawling, to teething, to new foods – but mostly because they miss them.

Here’s a sample.
An update from Baby Andi’s parents:

“We were one of the Roots of Empathy babies in Alberta this school year! Just wanted to share a little update of our “Tiny Teacher” to our friends in Mrs. Gale’s Grade One class in Cold Lake, AB!

Andi just turned 7 months old and since our last classroom visit, she has already changed so much.

She is now sleeping in her own room at night, eating lots of different solid foods and loves meal time with her family, she has started to wave hello, and sits up all by herself!

We really miss all our friends from school and hope they are all enjoying this extra time at home with their own families, Andi sure is loving her time home with us!”

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What I’ll tell my daughter about the year 2020

This will lift your spirits.

Katharine Reid writes a letter to her baby, a Roots of Empathy tiny teacher, describing this extraordinary moment in time as we all stay home. As Katharine writes, social isolation comes with challenges, and yes, joys. Thank you, Katharine, for this beautiful letter in She Does The City Life Stories.

“Hi baby,

Things are a little weird right now. Our world, as we know it, has changed.

You just turned 10 months old, during a global pandemic. We are in social isolation. You will not see your grandparents, cousins or aunts and uncles in person again until you are at least one year old (and probably more). We won’t be going to the library, the bakery, the park.

You’re walking now and you’ve had plenty of time to work on your cool new skill while hanging around the house. Your favourite thing to do is walk across the room, arms stretched towards me, and throw yourself into my arms.

You’re so good at making people happy. You even have a job doing just that…” read more…

Mary Gordon wrote her book Roots of Empathy – Changing the world child by child to help everyone who cares for children know how important those first years are to a child’s health and well-being. It might change your perspective on parenting. You can read the first chapter free. And enjoy. To buy the book, please visit our bookstore.