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Want to be a Roots of Empathy Family?

Become a Roots of Empathy Family

Want to be a Roots of Empathy family?
Would you like to help foster social and emotional competence in children
in your community?

What happens when your family joins Roots of Empathy?

  • You demonstrate your parent-child attachment relationship, the first and most powerful model of empathy
  • You support the development of children’s social and emotional competence
  • You develop a better understanding of your baby’s development and needs
  • You build a positive connection to the children, the school, the community

How it works

  • Your baby is 2 – 4 months old at the start of the school year
  • Your family is matched with a local school in your neighbourhood
  • You are paired with a Roots of Empathy Instructor
  • The programme follows the course of the school year
  • You and your baby visit the same classroom of children 9 times over the year
  • The Roots of Empathy instructor guides the children using an age appropriate curriculum
  • Read more in the Parent Booklet

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